ōus-1 : ǝus-

ōus-1 : ǝus-
    ōus-1 : ǝus-
    English meaning: mouth
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “Mund, Mũndung, Rand”
    Material: Auf IE *ōus go back: O.Ind. ǘ-ḥ n. “mouth” (compare üs-án- sd., üsyá m n. “mouth, aperture “), Av. üh-, ü̊ŋhan- ds.; Lat. ōs, ōris “mouth, face (with the eyes and mouth), edge, bank, border, shore”; but M.Ir. ü gen. sg. “mouth” from *ōsos; in addition ü -derivative: ved. üsayǘ “from mouth to mouth” (instr.); Lat. ōra “edge, hem, limit, boundary, esp. Meereskũste”, in addition cōram adv. (under preposition) “angesichts, in present, before”, Nachbildung from palam, clam from *co-ōro- “vor dem front situated”; aureae (ōreae) “Gebiß am bridle, rein”, therefrom aurīga (ōriga) “Wagenlenker” (-igü to agō); ōsculum “kiss” is Dimin. from ōs; O.Ice. ōss m. “Flußmũndung” (Gmc. *ōsaz), moreover O.E. ōr n., ōra m. “edge, Anfang”; from O.E. ōr is M.Ir. or “ora, margo, linea”, O.Welsh ōr ds. borrowed. The reduced grade IE *ǝus- proves: Alb. anë ‘seite, hem, bank, border, shore, Borte” (*ausnü ); possibly also Hitt. aiš, gen. iššaš n. “mouth” (*ai̯es, *aisos)? s. Pedersen Hitt. 47 f. t- derivatives are O.Ind. ṓṣṭha- m. n. “lip”, Av. aošta-, aoštra- ds. (*ǝus-), Lat. ōstium “ entrance, Flußmũndung” (= Slav. *ustьje); O.C.S. usta pl. “mouth”; Slav. *ustьje n. “ estuary “ is must be assumed after Bulg. ústije, Russ. ústьje etc.; compare O.C.S. ustьna, Slov. ûstna “lip”; O.C.S. ustiti (naustiti) “move, anregen, ũberreden”; probably O.C.S. uzda etc. “bridle, rein”; Ltv. ap-aûši (*-austi̯-) “ halter “; O.Pruss. austo “mouth” (nom. Plur.?; acc. sg. üustin), Lith. áuščioti “ babble, chatter, rumor, gossip “, Ltv. aũšât “ babble, chatter “; changing through ablaut Lith. uostà f., úostas m. “ embouchure, estuary, mouth of a river, lagoon “, Ltv. uosts m., uōsta f. “ harbor “.
    References: WP. I 168 f., WH. II 224 f., Trautmann 19 f.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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